When looking in the local newspaper and you will see many new window replacement companies "pop up" all the time jumping onto the "window replacement bandwagon". So you have to ask yourself, "What am I really looking for in a window replacement company?" The answer is... a company with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. Also, a company that provides products direct from the manufacturer with the highest quality and warranty standards. The assurance that the manufacturers supported have the financial backing and industry good standing to weather the storms of our current economic times so that they will be around to assist me if and when I may have warranty or non warranty service requirements.

Allure Windows and Doors Inc. is the company for you. John Beaver, President of Allure Windows and Doors, Inc. has over 16 years experience in the door and window industry in all aspects of the business, including customer service, sales, marketing, manufacturing, product design and installation. He has also been licensed as a General Contractor for over 8 years. John has worked for and managed many of the largest window manufacturers in Southern California (Windowmaster products: 9 years, American Integrity: 3 years, The Window Factory: 2 years) as well as many of the window installation companies with whom he now competes. Like no other, he knows the products and processes involved in getting the job done right the first time. Our track record on quality and business ethics is incomparably pristine in the industry.

"The reason for starting my own business is that I have spent most of my life helping many other companies (that still survive to this day) to grow while displaying ethical business practices. I wanted to be able to do the same this time for myself, without needing to convince others that these practices are not only ethical but moral standards we are all charged with. I knew my business would be one of the few setting the standard in the industry by offering quality products at comparable prices, in a low-pressure atmosphere where the customer can feel comfortable and reassured that we have their best interest at heart." -- John Beaver, President

You, the consumer, are our business. We exist to help you with your home remodeling and door and window projects by removing most of the stress and frustration by presenting your options in a straightforward manner and creating a undistorted and informed venue for you, separate from the rest of the noise in the industry. We are family owned and operated, our products and installation have a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and we will be here to back it up when the other "bandwagon" companies have and will fade away. When you need us, we will still be here.

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